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Our Curriculum

Our Educational Plan throughout the year is well balanced, keeping in mind the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of the students. We give students a lot of projects which are fun and exciting as well as educational, which motivate, challenge and stimulate their creativity. Our Curriculum is broad and balanced which provides them opportunities to experience new things, make choices, interact with other students and develop social skills under the guidance of our teachers.

Some of the highlights of our plan

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We encourage our students to interact with their peers, teachers and parents. With the help of sports, reading sessions, projects, and other educational games, we help them with their social and emotional development.

  • Physical Development: We have an out-door play area where students play various sports. Sports help them keep healthy and cater to their physical growth.
  • Creative / Aesthetic Development: Along with creative and fun projects, our teachers encourage students to draw and paint. It is necessary to not only provide opportunity for creativity, but to train a child's eyes and hands to be able to create realistic art as well as abstract.
  • Language Development: The four stages of language learning in any child are Auditory, Oral, Manual and Interpretive. We encourage students to read, take part in discussions, and write practice letters to improve their vocabulary and language skills.
  • Mathematics: With the help of toys and games, students get better at basic Mathematics and its concepts.
  • The Science Program allows students to become aware of scientific accomplishments, both in the past and in the present. In addition, students have the opportunity to experience scientific studies that arouse a sense of wonder and respect for life and the environment.
  • Knowledge and Appreciation of the Environment